Monday, July 12, 2010

Six for $66

I went to Scott Antique Market this past Friday and posted about my favorite booths.  I had not intended on buying a thing.  Truly.  I was sure that this was just a browsing-for-the-fun-of-it kind of trip.  I always seem to find more when I'm not really in the market to buy.  I bought six items for $66 and I could have (maybe even should have) bought more.

My six items were just little purchase.  None were necessities, but they all make my heart sing.

First up - garden items.  I don't know what's gotten into me.  I used to not want any of these fake little animal critters in my yard.  I was a garden purest.  Since I moved, I have changed that tune.  Am I going to end up one of these little old ladies with a million little knick-knacks in the garden?  There's a house about5or 6 miles from here that has a Barbie Beach in the front yard.  I'm not making this up.  Hundreds of Barbies posed in a sand oasis. It has become famous around here.   Once someone came in the night and put them in lewd positions. Anyway, at the rate my tastes are changing, that could be my house a few years down the road.

I bought this sweet little bunny planter.  One of my starter geraniums fit right in.

I already had another bunny that I bought an an estate sale a while back.  They might start multiplying.  I'll soon have a bunny beach.  The rocks came from my grandmother's house.  She had them as long as I can remember and I was always fascinated by them.

The bunnies have company - this little bird.  I bought the bunny and the bird from The Gardener's Gate (more info in previous post). 

Then I spent a total of six dollars on this ivory pitcher and pot.  I bought them from a booth that I didn't post about.  They had hundreds of little things and they seemed to just want to get rid of them.  I'm glad I could be of some assistance.  The pitcher is 8 inches tall - perfect for so many things.  I had so many ways to use it that I had a hard time making up my mind.  The little pot beside it is just stuck here temporarily posing for a photo. They look good together, but I don't want/need two vessels holding wooden kitchen gadgets.

Here are the last two things I bought.  Totally useless, but I had to have them.  They are made from metal, but are fairly sturdy. Again, I had a hard time finding a spot because they looked good in too many places.  They finally came to rest in the master bath.  I have a small 2x2 window up high on the wall.  Now when I walk into the room, instead of my eye going to the light fixtures that I don't like, I am drawn to these little cuties.  I bought them from Magnolia Pearl (more info in previous post).


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