Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watermelon in the Flower Bed

One day a while back when weeding the flower bed, I noticed that one of the "weeds" looked familiar.  It was a watermelon vine.  I have no idea how it got started there.  Maybe from compost?  Who knows.  I immediately decided to let it stay.  It's been fun watching it grow and grow and grow. And now... finally... baby watermelons!

I have been watching for babies, and finding none.  I saw lots of flowers, but no babies.  But now, they are there, including one that is at least 3 inches long.  How did that one sneak in?

I've had to help route the vines a little to avoid flowers and to stay out of the grass, but it seems to be a very happy vine.  And now, it won't be long til I'll be able to have watermelon.

I know just what I'll do with it, too.  In June, I bought a watermelon (I couldn't wait til we had our own) and made watermelon juice.  In this post about watermelon juice, I also mentioned that I made some watermelon ice cubes.  I left them in the freezer for weeks, but finally I used them in my tea. Oh My!  Oh-Me-Oh-My!  They are sooooo good like that.

Now I'm hooked and whenever I get my hands on a watermelon, I plan to use a large portion of it to make more watermelon ice cubes.

I only have a few left and those will likely be gone today.  Rudy is still very proud that the ice cubes were his idea.  Sometimes, he's an absolute genius!

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  1. I love watermelon! Aside from eating it just plain, I make watermelon sorbet ( when I have an abundance of them. Hope you enjoy yours!

  2. Watermelons are so tasty! So glad you will get to enjoy some from your garden. Watermelon ice cubes, and sorbet, sound wonderful--I'm going to have to try those!

  3. That is so cool! watermelon are a rarity here in Oreogn. I just love the pattern of their leaves. Thanks for sharing your find and keep us up-to-date on the melons growth.

  4. You've convinced me. I think I'll plant some this spring.

  5. Mmmm, sounds wonderful. Don't you think the volunteer plants are the happiest? They know just when and where they like to grow!

    Thanks for sharing... visiting from TGP.

  6. Yeah- I too love to let volunteers grow to see what they are. :-)

    Thanks for linking to the TGP!



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