Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watermelon in the Flower Bed

One day a while back when weeding the flower bed, I noticed that one of the "weeds" looked familiar.  It was a watermelon vine.  I have no idea how it got started there.  Maybe from compost?  Who knows.  I immediately decided to let it stay.  It's been fun watching it grow and grow and grow. And now... finally... baby watermelons!

I have been watching for babies, and finding none.  I saw lots of flowers, but no babies.  But now, they are there, including one that is at least 3 inches long.  How did that one sneak in?

I've had to help route the vines a little to avoid flowers and to stay out of the grass, but it seems to be a very happy vine.  And now, it won't be long til I'll be able to have watermelon.

I know just what I'll do with it, too.  In June, I bought a watermelon (I couldn't wait til we had our own) and made watermelon juice.  In this post about watermelon juice, I also mentioned that I made some watermelon ice cubes.  I left them in the freezer for weeks, but finally I used them in my tea. Oh My!  Oh-Me-Oh-My!  They are sooooo good like that.

Now I'm hooked and whenever I get my hands on a watermelon, I plan to use a large portion of it to make more watermelon ice cubes.

I only have a few left and those will likely be gone today.  Rudy is still very proud that the ice cubes were his idea.  Sometimes, he's an absolute genius!

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