Friday, July 9, 2010

Salad Tables

I want  will soon make a salad table!  (positive thinking in action)

I first saw the idea for a salad table while browsing Flickr raised garden photos.  I came across this beauty from Erin.  She tags hers, lettuce table.

That immediately sent me Googling, where I came across this great post from, who else, Martha!  It's described as a shallow framed table with a mesh bottom that allows for drainage.  The growing depth is only 3.5 inches which is said to be perfect for salad greens.

Martha recommends keeping it in full sun from April thru mid-June, then moving it to part shade from mid-June til mid-September, then back in the sun through December 1. 

I would like to try making it work year round by moving it indoors by a sunny window from December to April. I'd have to figure out something for the drainage under the table, but it seems do-able.

Next, I went back to Flickr to search salad table tagged photos.  Most of the photos weren't what I was looking for, but I did find this cute idea from lyckeliv -

...and this one from darkgardyner -Be sure to browse the rest of her set for other fun ideas.

Next, I moved on to a Google image search where I found TONS of examples.  I saw tables in all shapes and sizes and colors.  Mercy, I must be the last one to find out about these tables.

Check this one out from Bittycakes -
She refers to this article by Grow It Eat It, which also hooks into Martha's post.

How about a set of three
This set can be purchased if you don't want to make it yourself.

And finally, this from Cracking Good, which cracked me up - Apparently her lettuce was finally starting to produce... Cut enough lettuce from my table to make 2 sandwiches. Only $50, 2 hours of construction and 3 months of watering for that lettuce!

More examples:
  • Heather K Powers
  • Amiwithani
  • I could go on and on, but I think I have enough inspiration at this point.  I need to just move away from the computer!!!  
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    1. Hi Denise, You are going to laugh- My friend who has a booth at Scott's just called me and told me to look up your blog. I tried making a few quick pictures of her booth last month with my iphone and they did not turn out well. Hope your pictures do.

      The other funny thing is you hit the nail on the head about your friends that have not caught on to reading blogs. She is one of my friends that I keep telling about the blog world. Now, maybe she will believe me.

      Love your salad table post. I look forward to reading your back posts and I am now a follower. Blogging is fun and you are so right-proceed with caution. It is addictive . I am learning so much and having fun doing it.

      Come by for a visit.

    2. I LOVE these!!! They are beautiful and functional. Great job!

    3. This idea has been rolling around in my head, too. One of my neighbors set 3 of them up in her side yard! Love it! I'm a new follower!

    4. I absolutely LOVE this idea, and I had not heard of it either. c-: Thanks for the info.!

    5. I have never heard of this. What a great thing to know about. My neighbors had a salad garden this year but they just pulled it all up as it is now hot an it was in full sun. I am going to tell them about this. And I bet next year...they will do a salad table that they can then move to the shade. I think I might try my hand at it next year as well.




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