Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Letter from JJ

 This is a guest post from JJ, 
the little fluffball who is visiting us this week.  
He wanted to say hello to his mom and dad.


Hello Mudda.  Hello Fadda.  
Here I am at Camp Granada Senoia.
You didn't know I could sing, did you?

You don't need to worry about me.  I'm having a really good time.

You would be very proud.  I am learning some manners. Everyone around here is pitching in to make sure I behave.  If I step out of line, somebody is bound to growl or hiss at me.

Buddy has made sure that I no longer try to jump on him.  He reminds me every time I come close.  I keep telling him that he doesn't really need to remind me any more. 

We have lots of fun around here.  My favorite thing to do is to go on long walks. I don't even need a leash here.  You know, we're gonna have to talk about that leash thing when we get home.

Our walk is not actually a walk for me.  It's more a run.  I can run faster than any of these big old dogs around here.  Everybody keeps laughing at me.  I think it's that silly haircut they gave me at the shelter. Boy, I sure am glad I'm not there anymore!

We have contests on our walks to see who can mark the most territory.  I'm really good at that game!

I have been meeting lots of new friends.
Yesterday, we had a stare-down/bark-down with 4 big dogs from the farm across the street. We won!

Auntie D put my pretty toys away.  She said I wasn't supposed to pull the fuzz out. That's OK.  I didn't like eating fuzz anyway.

She gave me this really cool rope toy. I like to run around with it and growl and pretend I'm vicious. 

Sometimes, I can get Jack to play keep away, but mostly, he just looks at me like I've lost my mind.

I stay really busy all day helping with all kinds of projects. I have helped with painting, planting flowers, cooking and cleaning. Anything Auntie D needs help with - I'm right by her side!

I'm a very good watchdog.  If anyone comes up the steps, I let everyone know. Uncle R can't sneak up on Auntie D anymore!

Hey - guess what!  I haven't had a single accident since that first day!

Well, I've gotta go now.  You can stay at the beach as long as you want!

Love, J.J.


  1. Oh, I bet you just put mom and dad's minds at ease so they could enjoy their beach trip. What a thoughtful dog.
    My cat, Boo, is behind me, sitting in the window, enjoying some brand new catnip I bought him. And, he is chattering his teeth at all the birds, wishing them death and destruction! Cats are killers, so remember that and don't mess with them.

  2. Hey Aunt D! Momma & Daddy here. That was soooo sweet! Makes us miss little J.J. even more. I'm glad he's having a great time and learning how to play again! Even better, he's learning to help around the house and to have some manners. :) You're doing such a good job that I hope he still wants to go home with us. Thanks for taking such good care of our new baby!




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