Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two Bakers Rack RE-dos

I bought another bakers rack at a yard sale.  I thought about selling it in my booth for two seconds.  I decided to keep it til something snazzier comes along.  First, it was in dire need of a makeover.  

 It's one of those cheap-o models.  It was green with icky fake wood.  But it's sturdy and the shelf sizes are perfect for my salad garden bins.

Paint is all this little rack needed.  But what color?  I had lots of inspiration - remember my post on bakers racks a few weeks ago?

I decided on ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze).  Why?  I don't know.  I'm in love with that color right now.  I had a couple of cans on hand.  If it had been spring, I might have painted it Heirloom White.  See how much thought I put into things?

While I was at it, I decided to give the ORB treatment to my oldest bakers rack, which I had painted a hideous hunter green at least 20 years ago. 

 Oh yes.  Much better!

Next step - paint the fake wood.  I sanded and primed, then painted it with Ralph Lauren's Raffia.  

I loved covering the fake wood.  But still, I wanted more.  More turned out to be Minwax Wood Finish in Ebony.  I rubbed it on and wiped most of it off.  

The color is very chameleon-like.  It can be whatever you want it to be and looks different all day as the light changes - gray, tan, taupe, off-white, khaki, green, gold.  I'm not kidding.  I don't even know what color family to put this in.  

Now it's all put back together and in front of one of our large south-facing windows.  Hopefully, it will be home to salad greens all winter.

I added these little yard sale birdies after the above photo was taken.  I think they'd look better another color, but they work fine with all the golds in this location. 

I know I'll soon change the whole look on this bakers rack with other accessories.  This is just a thrown together, good-enough-for-now look.

The other bakers rack is in the loft where I have another bank of south facing windows.  I got everything in place in the nick of time.  It has dipped below the magic 32 degree temp for the last two nights and will likely do so again tonight.  Hello.  This is Georgia.  I'm not supposed to have to move all my plants in this early!

I even had to move in a few things that need to be planted outside - like the lavender and hosta.  

One thing I do love bringing in are the geraniums.  I can keep those blooming all winter long.  I rotate them around all winter long, putting the prettiest ones downstairs.  While upstairs, I trim them back so they won't be so leggy next spring.


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