Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seeing Stars

I bought a large (36") star at a yard sale last month.  It could look fun on our barn... or not.  
 When I took a close look at the barn, I realized there was not a place on it that a star would look good.

I guess I'll sell it at the booth.  But not yet.  I have a sunflower wreath by our side door. It looked good to me in September.  It was tolerable in October.  Now, I'm over it.  The next decor in line is Christmas-y.  That's fine for the stores, but against the rules at home... I prefer to wait til after Thanksgiving!  How about the star?!?

We put it up and my dear hubby was full of opinions. He doesn't like the color. He's thinks it should be black or oil rubbed bronze or even done over with a crackle finish.  Hmmm.

It has a rust finish now and our porch has touches of black and not a thing in the rust family. I suppose he's right. I hadn't planned to take on yet another project - especially one that would have no problem at all selling as is - but I guess I'll spray paint that sucker this week.  But I can't picture it in black. 

What to do?  Find inspiration. Google images, here I come. To tell you the truth, most of the images I found were on sites selling stars.  I found my exact star in a number of places usually around 70 dollars or more for my size.  At least I know I got a good deal at the yard sale!

I found stars in a number of colors.  That's good.  It helps me picture it in other color choices.
 I prefer the ones that are beat up and distressed over the ones that are shiny and new looking.

I also found a number of examples of decoupaged stars.  I'll keep those in my idea file in case I come across a deal on some smaller stars. 
2 - can't find source
6 - can't find source

One interesting thing - I found out that the stars are said to bring good luck and good fortune.  Heck.  We could use some of that!  Who couldn't? 

I also found that different colors bring different types of luck.  
According to Prim~N~Simple, here's what the colors mean: 
Black- Protection, also used to blend or bind elements together.
Red- Emotions, passion, charisma, lust, and also creativity.
White- Purity, power of the moon, allows energy to flow freely.
Blue- Protection, peace, calmness and spirituality.
Green- Growth, fertility, success in things and ideas that grow.
Yellow- Health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to God.
Brown- Mother earth, also can mean friendship and strength.
Orange- Abundance in career, projects and matters needing an added push.
Violet- Things that are sacred.

Some colors are ruled out for us just because they wouldn't look too good on our house. No thanks to violet, orange and yellow. Blue probably wouldn't work either. Hubby ruled out brown.  That leaves red, black, white, and green.  Silver is not on the list. Would I not have any luck at all with silver?  Or would I have the luck from both black and white?

So what did I decide?  A distressed red. It would look good on the house with our colors.  I wouldn't have trouble selling it later  -  that is, if I don't decide to keep it. :-)

 I spray painted it bright red, then rubbed Minwax ebony all over to give it an aged look.
Does that qualify me with the fortune attributes of both red and black?

Here's the result -

Is it me?  I don't know.  I'm not madly in love, but it's an interesting change for awhile.  However... if it brings us fortune and good luck, it will become a favorite - a family heirloom! :-)  The bench, on the other hand, will eventually be upgraded through paint or a total replacement.  I'm definitely not in love with it.  Plus, the area needs a little something more. Some accessories or something.  Sigh.  Will I ever get things to a point where there's not something in need every direction I look?!?  Probably not.   

And truthfully, what fun would that be?

More Star Inspiration

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By the way, I've just discovered Mamie Jane's blog - do take a look - so many good ideas!



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