Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree...

Putting up a tree this year was much more pleasant than last year.  Last year was the last year I put up a large tree.  I cussed and I fussed and I swore.  (In a Scarlett O'Hara voice) As God is my witness, I will never put up this *^%$#*! tree again!

This year,  I pulled the large tree down from the attic for the last time - I sold it!  Ha!  It's gone.  (In a Wizard of Oz Munchkin Voice) Ding Dong the tree is gone!  Which old Tree?  The humongous tree!!!...  You didn't know I could sing and do imitations, did you?

OK.  Enough nonsense.  
This year, intead of one huge tree, I put up three smaller trees.  The largest is a four foot tabletop model.  It's easy to carry, easy to put in the stand, and easy to decorate.  No cussing or fussing... just peace and joy.

A few years back, I got into pretty trees.  I changed them a bit each year.  Some years I went with all one color - like gold.  Other years, I'd have a theme.  Whatever.  My darling hubby, who let me just say has never helped decorate the tree, began a campaign to go back to an old fashioned looking tree just like he grew up with.  Big multi-colored lights.  A colorful mix of ornaments.  And you know?  I was ready for a change anyway.  We've been happier with our crazy trees than we ever were with the fancy ones.

So, here's our four foot table top tree with the big lights and multi-colored ornaments.  Let me break it down for you.

I have a wonderful quilted skirt that I bought half price after Christmas two years ago.

Our tree topper is a key element.  The first year we were married (or actually I think it was before we were married), Hubby gave me a gift sealed in this can.  I put it on the tree and it's been a tradition ever since.

Truck ornaments - Hubby has fond memories of playing with Tonkas when he was little.
Vintage Ornaments found at a recent yard sale.  I like the colors.

Stuffed felt ornaments.

The twelve days of Christmas - I broke two last year in a tragic decorating mishap.

Ornaments from Loved Ones

Ornaments I made years ago when I enjoyed being crafty.

The final step was putting as many Christmas tins around the base as I could.  
Now, why would I do that?

To protect the tree from the curious critters lurking around our house.

Here's the RE-Party!

We RE-do, RE-decorate, RE-organize, RE-pair,  
RE-upholster, RE-furbish, RE-finish, and RE-purpose.
AND... we RE-decorate for Christmas!!!
This party celebrates the RE-'s in our lives! 

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I'm linking this post with them!


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