Thursday, November 5, 2009

New "Vintage" Kitchen Curtains

I had some very old fabric that came from my grandmother. I've had it for years and knew that I'd use it one day. Today was the day!

I had about 8 yards, but it was only around 35 inches wide. When I first saw this fabric, it didn't impress me. I loved the vintage look, but I wasn't crazy about it. Now, for some unknown reason, I really like it. It certainly looks good with my ironing board cover!

The fabric is Country Lane by Waverly. I have no idea how old it might be. I googled it and came up with nothing.

I decided on just a plain valance. This window faces east. I wanted the valance to be long enough to block with early morning (blinding) sun as it comes up over the trees. Here's the end result:

I love changing the items on the window sill. The sill is about 6 inches deep so it's easy to find things that will work. What's there now is the best I've got on hand for Fall. I'm watching for better pieces. Christmas is so close and I have a good many pieces that will look great with the curtains.

When we first moved in (almost a year ago!) I thought I didn't want any curtains on this window. I certainly exercised my prerogative to change my mind! It looks so much cozier.

Here are a few other kitchen sink areas I'm crazy about -
This is the kitchen of Tina Smith at Cherry Hill Cottage. Her sink and the curtain under the sink are so fabulous I nearly swoon every time I see it! The Eat Cake sign above the window is wonderful, too, and very fitting since Tina is always cooking up something wonderful.

This kitchen belongs to the people who own the Fresh Produce t-shirt company. It's in their beach house in California. I saw the article on their home on the Coastal Living website. Apparently, the article is no longer there. I love the bright green vintage-look counter top.

The photos below are more kitchens I love. Unfortunately, I no longer remember where the photos came from. I will try to find out and will update this page if I have any luck.


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