Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Day Yard Saling

Yesterday I had a bit of luck yard sale-ing.  But I must say, it was hot and miserable.  Southern girls are not supposed to sweat.  Glistening is allowed, but not sweating.  I'm sure I was over the legal limit.

I have a feeling that yard sales won't be very plentiful again until the summer heat is over.  I know that I'll be very selective about going to sales for the next few months and I'll be sure to be out very early and home again pretty quick. 

I found every one of these things at the first yard sale. All of it, plus a tray my mom got (which was fabulous) was $15. 

I loved the toile fabric on the sewing stool.  This will make a great place to hide a project from our nosy cats.

I had thought the bird houses would end up on my porch.  After trying them there and a number of other spots, I ended up liking them best on this window sill.  In fact, I really like them here.  Sometimes I place things and think they look okay or pretty good.  Those are the times where the item is likely to be rearranged.  I have a feeling these bird houses will stay here for a while.

I loved the wooden tri-fold screen at first sight - so much so that I bought it without having a clue how I'd use it.  I wandered the house for ages trying to figure out where to use it. It would be good for hiding something, but I have nothing to hide (ha ha). Then I set it down on a table and it occurred to me that I really liked how it looked flat.  I think I'm going to use it as a wall hanging.  I'm not sure where.

The sewing stool and metal basket ended up in the guest room.  It looks pretty nice in there, but the table needs a lamp.  The table was one that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale.  It is very similar to a slightly smaller one I recently refinished.  I painted this one the same color, but without the red undercoats.  

By the way, this is the guest in our guest room.  Mr. Spooky had settled down for a nice long nap.

Cindy Lou had settled down for a nap in another room. She was sound asleep just like this.  Does she really think no one can see her?

I have joined the Garage Salen' Party at Debbiedoos.


  1. Thanks so much for joining in on the party! Love your noisy cat hiding under the bed lol!!~ Your ottomon is awesome...and like you said so useful for hiding things. You are also right regarding the yard sales...way too hot to enjoy them. But that is what Good will and other thrift stores are there for...we need a fall back. Thanks for joining in on my party. Hope to see you again. Debbie

  2. Oohh, I love the screen as well! I never seem to find as many beauties as you found with garage sales! Great luck! Love the bird houses as well! Happy hunting!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious, a "bit" of luck??? I would say you scored!!! I am loving that little stool and the screen...and the birdhouses! I wish I could find a garage sale like that around here!

  4. I like your Mr. Spooky, I have a black kitty named, Boo. Did you know black cats are the hardest to place for shelters? I think they are just the best though I am a little prejudiced since I have been a mom to 3 black kitties and one kitty who is black and WHITE. We let him live with us since he is Boo's brother, Steve.
    I am so addicted to yard sales that I have almost as much fun seeing what other people have bought. That's pretty bad. I scored on a bunch of old handkerchiefs, old lace and edging, aluminum cookie cutters, and some old school primers this weekend.

  5. Oh my golly....that screen is fabulous! Love your kitties!! I store Christmas wrap and gift boxes under my bed and my kitty likes to hide under there and sleep. :)

  6. Wow! good 'stuff'. I wish I had the patience for yard sales. I want everything in one place(thrift stores) so I don't have to drive around. But when I go with my "grarage saleing queeen" neighbor.. it really is kinda fun.

  7. Gee, those are all great finds. Can I come with you next time?

  8. I just adore that screen!!! So cute!!




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