Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amazing Ideas Out There

Why do I love reading blogs?  Lots of reasons.  But one of the big ones is the amazing ideas I come across.  Lately, I've seen a ton.

Check out this one from Peppertowne.  She turned an out of date coffee table into a fabulous bench.  I've seen these coffee tables at yard sales and just walked right on by.  Forget that.  I want to try this!

Want to see more of this transformation?
She has photos of the whole process.

While you're visiting her site, be sure to check out
how she transformed these bentwood rockers.

I love this painted desk transformation from The Painted Hive.
Keeping the top wood instead of
painting the whole thing really makes it, don't you think?


While browsing around her site,
I also came across this chair and stool:

It just so happens that I'm working on a similar chair right now! I wasn't sure how I wanted to do the cushions.  This chair certainly gives me some ideas.  Here's the before on my chair-

I have been flip flopping on whether to do a full out for the house makeover or turn it into a garden chair with a plant sitting in the seat.  There are staple/tack marks all along the edge.  This chair certainly doesn't have the pretty details of the chair from The Painted Hive, but it could be much nicer than when I got it (from a yard sale of course). 

Another idea I'm eager try is adding ruffles to plain t-shirts.  Tea Rose Home has a great tutorial.

Here's another tutorial from Welcome to the Good Life.
So pretty!
I have plenty of t-shirts to cut up, too!

Finally, if you are prepared to just get lost in blogland,
check out this amazing party hosted by My Desert Cottage:

Over 450 bloggers have participated in this party.  The links are in a list on the right side of her blog page.  They are all sharing photos of where they create - just like the magazine.  That's a lot of posts to go through, but they are going to be available for a year.  They'll stay posted on My Desert Cottage for a while and then, she's moving them over to a special blog she created just for that.  Click here for more info.


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