Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watermelon Juice

I bought a big watermelon a week or so ago.  I kept putting off cutting it because there just wasn't room in our refrigerator to handle the leftovers. 

Finally, I decided to cut it up, remove the seeds, put it in the blender and make a watermelon drink.

I remembered making a watermelon drink last year. I remembered that it was delicious.  Unfortunately, I didn't remember that there was something besides watermelon in the recipe.  I wish I had read my watermelon smoothie post from last July.  I forgot about strawberries.

It's pretty tasty actually, but I do think it would be better with the strawberries.  It will be even better when I am using one of the watermelons from our garden.  They are only babies right now.
I was able to fill a couple of glasses and put away several quart jars full for later.  Notice the green screen in the background.  That's the screen I found at my last yard sale outing.  I thought it would make a pretty good background in this photo.

My creative husband suggested I freeze some in ice trays for drinks and smoothies.  He has been coming up with some great ideas lately and this one was great.  When I told him I was going to put his idea on my blog, he wanted to make sure that I gave him full credit.  He's a hoot.

I took the leftovers outside.  Buddy was the only 4 legged watermelon lover. He thanked me and told me it was incredibly refreshing.  Buddy is such a gentleman.

UPDATE:  I added strawberries and mango to my last quart jar of watermelon juice and put it back through the blender.  Ohhhh - yummy! ...much better than plain watermelon (which wasn't at all bad).   The original recipe didn't call for mango, but I just tossed it in on a whim.  Mango seems to go with everything. 

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