Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Too Tall Vase

I am in love with my white pitcher and have been looking forward to filling it with hydrangeas.  In my mind were visions of this pitcher that would make my kitchen look like it was about to be photographed for Martha Stewart Living

Finally, my hydrangeas bloomed.  I cut a group of stalks, put them in the pitcher and WOW - they were too short.  My pitcher is very tall.  This is probably why it was in the yard sale.

I will make this work.  I will not let Martha down.  I set an empty plastic tub down into the pitcher and stacked a mason jar on the container.  The hydrangeas will sit in the jar and appear to be taller.  I'm a genius.  More likely, I must have seen something like this before, but since my memory is so bad, I think it's totally my idea.

Now that's much better.  Well... a little better.  I couldn't make my arrangement look quite like my vision.  No problem.  Martha's set decorator will take care of that.


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