Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Blue Formica Table

It's no secret that I have been longing for a vintage red formica table.  Well, this weekend, I found a vintage blue one. At a yard sale.  I could NOT say no.

The table was not the turquoise or sky blue color that you see on most vintage formica tables.  This is a very pretty bright blue - maybe like cornflower blue (one of my favorites from the big Crayola crayon boxes of my childhood).

I looked around the internet trying to find out what this color was called and found very little.  I guess this color is rare!  If anyone knows anything about this color or table, I'd love to hear from you!  I believe the pattern is linen.

I thought about putting it in the booth to sell... for about two seconds.  I think I'll keep it - at least for a little while.   The booth is pretty full anyway.

I had to put it together.  It was taken apart in order to fit in my car. 
The legs come on and off easily and there's a 12 inch leaf.  
The table is a  roomy 54" x 30" (with the leaf).

The sweet little table not in perfect shape.  It has plenty of signs of use.  For the most part, I don't mind - that's just added character

The edges annoy me.  This one has a tan laminate around the edge. It's not in good shape and it's very unattractive.  I think they will be replaced.  Add one more thing to the TO-DO list.

I'm not sure where it should go.  I want a red formica table upstairs in the loft.  I don't think the cornflower blue color would look very good with my loft floors, which are a shade of turquoise. Maybe I could use it in the laundry room as a folding table... but I'm still thinking of using the vintage ironing board there.  Or maybe someplace unexpected - like the guest room - that idea is growing on me.  Oh, I just don't know.  For now, it's on my porch.  It my Pumpkin blingin' table.

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