Saturday, September 25, 2010

Messy House - Bless or Impress

Words of wisdom sometimes travel far beyond the intended target.  Such is the case with something my friend, Kathy, learned at a church workshop.   She learned about Bless or Impress.

image from the fabulous Anne Taintor
  When company is coming, my first instinct is to start running around, picking up debris, grab the vacuum and dust rag and go on an all out cleaning tear.  I don't think I'm alone in this.  

But now that I have learned the magic phrase, I stop and take a breath and ask myself - am I trying to bless ~or~ impress my company?  

While thinking this over, I thought about my friend's homes.  Mostly, I thought of one special friend, Susan, whose house always looks lived-in.  She and her family are super creative and very busy.  Yet she has people over all the time.  She doesn't get concerned over whether things look perfect.  And let me tell you, I feel more comfortable in her house than in any other house I visit.  I can completely relax there.  I don't hesitate to prop my feet up and get comfortable.  In a house where everything is spotless and orderly, I tend to sit up straight and feel the need to be very, very careful.  You can't really relax like that, even if you dearly love the person who lives there.

Today, my wonderful niece, Kelly, and her daughter Eiligh (in case you are wondering, that's a Celtic name and is pronounced Eye-Lee) are coming for a sleepover.  I will tidy up just a little bit, but let me assure you, it will not come anywhere close to being ready for a white glove inspection.  We won't be impressing anybody, but I sure hope to shower those girls with love.

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  1. Your post blessed me today. I plan on sharing some of those creative signs you featured with my sweet friends!

  2. As you grow older, you will look back and see how unimportant all the fussing was!

  3. Thank you for this. It was just what I needed. I had a new friend out to my house this week. She is from out of town, had never visited my home and I really wanted her to visit. I almost cancelled because my house was a mess. Dusty. A bit cluttered and I did not want to even look at the bathroom. ( I have two boys ). I decided to go for it. I really don't think she noticed or even cared. At one point we were talking about some bookshelves and I looked up and, and well, the dust was so thick it looked like, I don't even know what it looked like, but it wasn't good. I figured if she needed to use the restroom, I would say I needed to check it first to make sure it was safe.......and blame my sons. It is not the kind of house where you think you might catch something but not what I wanted to present to her. And I guess that sums up your point. Was I "presenting" my house or having my friend over? I appreciate your post.

  4. Wonderful sentiment, I really identify with it. I loved all those messy house hangers you posted.

  5. Love all your post God bless



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