Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, How I Love Yard Sales!

Oh, the places I'll go and the things that I'll see... when I go yard sale-ing.  This weekend I found things to put in my booth, but I found a good many things that I plan to keep... at least for a while.

Click photo to see a larger view.
  1. Painted Pottery Pitcher - I'm definitely keeping this heavy pitcher. I love the colors.  I especially love the addition of teal.  The opposite side is similar but more toned down.
  2. Ceramic candle holders
  3. Ceramic planter - it's already on my porch with a geranium being rooted.
  4. Two large stainless bowls 
  5. Vintage quilt in very good condition - it's been washed and is air drying on my porch.  The colors are wonderful.  It soft, soft, soft from age.  It's going in my guest room.  In fact, this quilt may be the piece that dictates my color choices and decor for the whole room.  Finally, I'll have a direction for this room. 
  6. Bench made from a twin bed - Imagine it painted a vintage green and distressed just a bit.  Then imagine a thick cushion with a pretty fabric and contrasting piping. Then imagine it somewhere in my house because I doubt I'll be able to part with it.
  7. Wire basket - I am hanging onto this for a little while.  I know I saw a great idea for using similar baskets.  I came across it recently and can't remember anything about it.  Hopefully, it will come to me soon.  I sure do miss my memory.  
  8. Galvanized bins - *Maybe* one for me and one for the booth. Or maybe both for me.
  9. Butcher block table - this one is super heavy.  I'm keeping this for awhile.  The booth is too crowded anyway.
  10. Breadbox - Not very attractive now, but with a little paint... we'll see.
  11. Ceramic planter
  12. Lampshades - these are going to the booth only because I don't have a use for them.  They are VERY nice, lined and well made... definitely not typical box store shades.
  13. Blue and cream vase - the picture doesn't do it justice.  It's super heavy and quite pretty.
  14. Odd little cabinet It can sit on a counter or be mounted on a wall. I could leave it as is with a bit of cleanup.  It's a very country look with the painted vegetables and vegetable knobs.  Or I could paint and refurbish the whole thing.  It could be painted cream or robin's egg blue or...  I think I could give it a new lease on life with a little effort.  It would probably be very useful as a bathroom wall cabinet.
  15. Rectangular planter - I adore this planter.  The color is fabulous.  It's heavy and chunky. The size is unusual, but perfect for more salad plantings.  I think something like Swiss chard would be beautiful in it - the colors would be perfect!
  16. Set of 3 candle holders These are really tall and fairly heavy. It's hard to tell but I have a 12 inch ruler propped in front of the middle sized one.  
I would say, this was a fun and successful yard sale weekend!  
I'm very surprised at how much I bought that I'm keeping. 

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