Monday, September 13, 2010

Dresser and Cupboards

I had a few good finds this weekend.  The best of the best was this large old oak dresser.
I love the lines.   The curvy drawers make it special.  It went straight to the booth.  If you want it, just go over to Rockin' B in Sharpsburg, GA!

Our booth really needs a few big pieces.

Here's the latest booth snapshot, taken on Saturday.  The dresser really helps ground it.  Imagine the booth without it - cover it up with your hand.  Without it, the booth is much less appealing - too many pieces all the same size. 

I share this booth with two other people.  We all have different tastes and we have been trying to bring all our things together in a way that is pleasing. Our eclectic booth will never look like so many of the booths I love - like so many on my Booth Inspiration page, which seem to settle on a particular style. Some use very little color, some use all brights or lots of black, but the look is cohesive.  Our booth will never settle into a style and may never be cohesive.  Well, I should never say never, so maybe I should just say not anytime soon.

Update: Pam left this very good comment:  Remember that your #1 goal is to sell things and the more varied your stuff is the more people will be drawn to your booth. If you have an all white booth for instance all the people who don't do all white will just walk past. That's my totally unprofessional opinion though, just as a consumer of many, many booths.  Thanks Pam!!!  Great point! I have noticed that very few customers walk past our booth without stepping in to browse.  We must be doing something right.
What I really have been hoping to add to the booth is a great cupboard or two.  The booth needs a cupboard.  It needs something big for balance and something fun for storage.

Check out this fabulous post about cupboards on Raised in Cotton.  That's what I'm lusting after! Here's a teaser collage of the cupboards in the post. 
from Raised in Cotton
You really need to see her post to fully appreciate how pretty they are.  If I came across any of these cupboards, they would come home with me.  I'd take another cupboard from home and move it to the booth. 

from Ohio Valley Antique Malls Flickr page
The green metal shelf above isn't exactly a cupboard, but something like that would be fun for displays.  Again, if I found that at a yard sale, I might have to keep it.  What a great place to keep CDs or DVDs or books or...

Time to stop.  As you can tell, my mind is wandering from one topic to another.  

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