Friday, September 3, 2010

Porch and Garden Party # 5

I think the party is starting to catch on!  I sure did get inspired by entries from the last party. Take a look -

Cuisine Kathleen used a bed canopy cover as a tablecloth.  I am completely smitten!  Please click on the link to her post so you can see how it turns out once it's all set up.  Beautiful. Be sure to notice the folded napkins with delicate white flowers tucked in.

I have several very pretty twin sized coverlets and dust ruffles.  I may have to pull them out and start playing.  What a fun idea!

Plus, take a look at her wrap around porch and yard.  It's beautiful and neat as a pin.  And isn't that hosta out front gorgeous? There are more porch photos on the same post. 

I love this blue table seen on Happy to Design.  She had a tea party for herself on her veranda to celebrate her birthday.  I love the extra care she took to make it special for herself - her post has some wonderful pictures of the the amazing pieces, many with sentimental value.  It's amazing how being kind to yourself translates in being able to be better for others.

Three Pixie Lane has a wonderful screened porch.  You need to see the before pictures to appreciate all she has done.  There are many things to inspire in her post, but one item in particular took my fancy.  It's a simple linen (burlap-y textured) and cotton table runner. Or maybe it's a place mat.  There are several photos with it, but it's not visible in the one above.  You'll need to go to her post to see it!

Here's another porch post from Three Pixie Lane.  This one is about her porch on the beach in North Carolina.  This porch is wonderfully simple and fresh.  I would love to settle in on this porch swing with the blue and white ticking pillows positioned just so and gently swing in rhythm to the sound of the waves.  Mmmm.  Nice.  How lucky she is to have two such wonderful porches!

You know... just thinking here... if we ever move again, I think I'd want a tiny little house with a fabulous screened porch.

 Linda at A Toile Tale linked up a wonderful end of summer porch tablescape.  She used sea glass colors as her inspiration.  It was purposely kept simple - no patterns.  It's pretty in this photo, but to truly appreciate it, you need to read her post and see the pieces she used. 

Now, let's party some more!


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