Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Page - Booth Inspiration

I'm kicking off a new page! It's called Booth Inspiration.    
Note: My page links are at the top of my blog, just under the header.
I have become obsessed by booth and shop displays... the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I see so many great ones on blogs. Now that I have a booth (along with a couple of great partners) I am starting a file of ideas. At first, my ideas have been torn out pages and saved files on my computer.  Now I'm going to start moving the pictures with links to my blog, where anyone can access them.  As of today, there are only a few things there.  It'll take time to build up - keep coming back!
Image from Notes From a Cottage Industry

I have a piece of advice for studying displays.  Don't just pay attention to the ones you love.  Take a look at the ones that bother you and try to figure out why you don't like it... why you don't want to walk into the space... why your eye is not drawn to the nicer things they have.  When you figure out their mistakes, you are less likely to make them yourself.

Be sure to check out my Porch and Garden Party.  It's not too late to join in!


  1. Thanks for joining my garden blog hop - I'll go look at your booth inspiration page....

  2. Good idea..I have tons saved in my ideas file. Here is a link to my post I did this week on my new booth space...

    another great blog to check out is by Elizabeth - her blog Elizabeth House Shop Talk...
    now to find pics of your space..



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