Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Booth Advice via Dianne Zweig

I am just discovering Dianne Zweig thru her blog -Kitsch 'N Stuff.  I found her when looking up booth display ideas using ladders and then came across her blog again when searching for creative shelving ideas.  After coming across her site twice in random searches like that, I decided maybe I was being given a subtle hint. 

Here are some jewels gleamed from her site.  All items in italics are direct quotes from her posts. All photos are from her site. 

How To Maximize Real Estate or Use Floor Space Effectively
You can organize the chaos in your shop by "color" and transform odds and ends into attractive store displays which invite more customers and increase sales.

 I love these shelves!
Decorating With Cottage Style Shelves
 There are many tricks to making your arrangements “pop” as they say in the trade. Shake it up, do something unexpected such as adding something to the display that makes no sense but calls out “look at me”.

Obviously in a multi-group shop you want your goods to stick out and show off well. After all in a larger store, there are so many dealers that if you don't create an eye catching "front' how will you "pull-in" the buyers.   From same post: Stay away from brown or dark shelves. Re-paint shelves in lighter colors.

When space is limited, consider stacking several cute shelves on top of each other to create organized vertical displays.

In my shop, I will often
[add] a colorful cover from a magazine, vintage toy box, game board, book, or piece of vintage fabric to make an interesting display.

Short on space in your antique shop or mall? Try creating a custom corner shelf unit made out of old chicken wire and a reclaimed wood frame.
When you have groupings which are too soft looking or even wimpy....add the color red.
 Desk drawers, dresser drawers,  cupboard drawers all can be used for displaying linens, pictures, booklets, etc. If you open the drawer of a dresser drawer, for example, you can use this slightly opened drawer as a "shelf" or "mantle'.

Hello!  I have seen this done and admired it.  Yet, I have a beautiful new dresser in my booth with all the drawers closed and empty.  I know what I'll be doing on my next booth visit.

You see, when you are short on space in an antique mall or shop, you need to "double-purpose" everything you have to economize on your space.

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