Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures - Keep or Sell

In the heat of summer, yard sales slow way down.  Since we are having more comfortable temperatures around here lately, the yard sales have been booming.  I've come across some really nice ones lately.

Mostly, I've been looking for good things for my booth.  I've come across a few things that I've really had to debate over.  Keep it or sell it?

I already posted about the vintage ironing board that I found a few weeks ago.  It's still at my house.  The top will be polyurethaned and I think I'm going to keep it for awhile and see if it works in my laundry room.  After all the great ideas I saw for using it (details are in the post), I couldn't bare to let it go.

I've come across a good bit of wicker.  I bought these tables to sell.  I don't have to debate much with wicker.  As much as I like them, they are not as pet friendly as I need. Our cats would have them in tatters in no time.

But then, I came across this white wicker table and stool.  The table is super heavy - really good wicker.  Oh my, I practically had to smack myself not to keep it.  I wanted it so much.  Finally, I did the right thing and took both pieces straight to the booth.  They didn't even come home for visit.  I didn't want to risk it.

This plant carriage came home with me for a bit.  I thought about keeping it but decided it's too lightweight to stay put around here.  After a quick touch up of spray paint, it went to the booth.

 It helped add a bit of height to the table in our booth.  We desperately need some taller pieces for our booth!

Another yeard sale find that is being transformed by spray paint is this pepto bismol pink iron mirror.  It's going to be oil rubbed bronze.  The first coat is on and I've run out of paint.  It should look very nice soon.  It's going to be sold.  A stand up mirror wouldn't be safe around our boisterous dogs.

This painted stool went through  a short debate process. It was a custom painted stool and the seller had paid around $125 to have it done.  Ultimately, it went to the booth.  It's pretty, but doesn't really go with the look I'm after.  Plus, I don't need a stool. 

These crystal pieces went to the booth.  The large one sold within hours of being put out.  The seller said they were all wedding gifts that were never used. 

I fell in love with this old wooden high chair.  It would look wonderful holding a pot of flowers.  I think it should be painted (a vintage green maybe), but I decided to put it in the booth as is for now.

I found this washstand at the same sale as the high chair.  The handles need to be changed and the top has a bad stain on it.  The lines are nice. The size is wonderful.  I'm going to keep it and use it as a bedside table.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it, but I'm not sure what color.  

This dining table is another piece that I'm keeping - at least for awhile.  It's heavy and well made.  The size is good.  It's my new sewing table.  I'm still hoping to find a vintage red formica table.  One day...

And finally, this iron stand is staying.  It's VERY heavy.  The wind will not blow it over and our crazy dogs are unlikely to topple it.  I'm very excited about decorating it for fall.  I plan to put pumpkins on each shelf.  I'm going to try to wait til October to do that.  I haven't figured out what I want to put there for now.  Most of my the potted plants I have on hand are a little too tall for the lower shelves.  

My yard sale shopping is way more fun now that I have the booth.  There are so many times that I find something fabulous at a great price, but I don't need it.  Now, I can get it and put it in the booth where it will hopefully go to a good home.  Or... it can stay with me for a bit to see if it's a keeper.

I should have rented a booth a long time ago.

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