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Southern Living Idea House - Master Suite

This is the third post in a series about my tour of the Abercorn Place 2010 Southern Living Idea House in my hometown, Senoia, Georgia.

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I took tons of photos and have plenty more to share.  Today I am posting about the master suite, which is on the third floor.  Click here to see the floor plan.

The master suite picks up the colors used throughout the house - robin's egg blue and earth tones. 

I always like to see beside tables.  You can see if a person is more interested in creating a look or if their main thought is to keep what they need close by. In this case, since it's a staged house, it's not quite as much fun.  But I still found it interesting that the picture was propped, instead of hung.  If this were my house, I know that sometime in the night, the picture would be knocked over by me or one of the cats.  The lamp would go flying and my husband would wake up cussing.  Decorating is not easy at my house!  :-)

There's a sitting area opposite the bed.  I liked that the basket table pulled in another natural texture.  Everyone seemed to like the dog pillow.  You picture the owners of the house having a little four legged baby that they adore. It makes the decor less serious, which appeals to me.  I am not in love with this room.  I have tried to figure out why.  It's a nice room. I certainly don't dislike it.  At first I thought maybe I was wishing to see a few pops of a vibrant color.  But I love the bathroom, which you'll see in a bit and it uses these same colors.  I finally decided that this room is too serious and grown up for me.  I'm 54.  I should like a grown up room, right?  I guess I'm immature.  I like fun and whimsy.  I would like more whimsical touches - like the dog pillow.  I want to see a little more personality. 

The closet area is nice.  On one side of the hallway leading to the bath is a bank of built in storage.  Very nice.  Everything is tucked behind closed doors or drawers, so even if you make a mess in a last minute search for something, no one but you will know.

The walk in closet area is opposite.  The whole closet has this great organized closet look. 

Now, my favorite part of the master suite - the bathroom.  The tub is lovely.  Shut the door, fill the tug, Calgon take me away.

I fell completely in love with the burlap-textured curtains and bronze rod.  So much so that I think that's the look I'm going to go for in my master bath.  I have some make-do curtains there now.  I still haven't committed to a look for that room.  Now, I have a good starting point.  A while back I bought a set of the large grommets in this style of curtain.  I wanted to try them out and see if I could make it work and look nice.  I've never been pleased when trying to do smaller grommets in the past, but I keep hoping I can master them.

I like the over-sized ledge next to the tub.  The glass containers are pretty, but again I picture a catastrophe waiting to happen.  Wet hands, slippery glass...  big mess.  If I were more mature, I'm sure everything would be fine.  I would scoop out what I need before getting in the tub... before my hands were wet.

I've seen this idea before, and I love it.  The bathroom chair is covered in soft terrycloth.  My fanny would be very happy here.  However, I would have preferred to have a chair with a removable cushion, slipcovered in terrycloth.  My fanny would like that slipcover to be washed often!

His and her sinks like this were on opposite sides of the room.  The cabinets are nice and they work well in the room.

I didn't take photos of the shower and toilet area.  I think someone was in there looking around.  I should have waited.  I think I glanced in and decided there wasn't anything spectacular and I wanted to move on.  Anyway, I was still in the thrill zone from the curtains.

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