Monday, August 9, 2010

Treadmill Desk Improvement

I made do with a temporary shelf borrowed from another part of my loft.  
Be sure to read the original post to see how treadmill desks work!

Today, I finally finished painting and setting up a better shelf.  It's still not perfect, but I could say that about everything in my house.  Anyway, it is so much more functional and it looks better, too.

You may notice that the treadmill walking area has a cover.  Why on earth would I need that?

Because I have a bunch of lazy, mischievous cats who think treadmills are their personal jungle gyms.  This is my second treadmill.  I lined the blue cover with a waterproof mattress pad top.  Sissy plopped right down on it as I pinned it in place.  She loves to help with my sewing projects.  The cover turned out to be quite to Emmy's liking.  She settled in for a nap after I put it on the treadmill.  I could just fold the treadmill up after each use, but then I'd have to move the keyboard and all that.  The cover is a much easier solution.  The dark shelf in two of those photos are the shelf I replaced.

This is the new shelf just after I finished painting it.  The shelf is very heavy, but it's not a fine piece of furniture.  It's mostly made of particle board, which I hate. I've had this shelf for years and originally used it as a shelf in my classroom before I retired.  On the upside, I didn't feel any obligation to be careful with the paint job or worry about making it look fabulous. 

My sweet hubby put wheels on the bottom so I'll never have to lift it up on one of those dollies to move it again.  Yeah!  I love wheels!

He had to add an extra piece of wood to the bottom in order to make a secure spot for the wheels.  That presented an opportunity for another shelf. Rudy cut a board to fit.  It wasn't painted. Oh, please.  Another shelf to paint?  I'm tired of painting this shelf. So what did I do?

I covered it with a turquoise-y blue fabric (the same as my treadmill cover).  It will be functional.  Works for me!

I put a few containers around, but I know I'll reorganize at least half a dozen times. 

Right now, the main thing I'm accomplishing while I'm on the treadmill (aside from trying to minimize my behind)  is scanning pictures from my idea file.  I want them all on the computer.  I'm tired of binders.

While I scan, I can also watch TV.  I need plenty of distractions while on the treadmill.  Between the scanning and TV watching, I can keep walking for over an hour and be completely entertained.  Oh, the shelf for my keyboard and mouse is an improvement, too.  It's painted to coordinate with the room colors.  It's longer than the one I used at first, too.

And  finally, here's a better view of the other side of the treadmill.  It looks a bit crowded, but it's functional.  I plan to get a laptop sometime soon, then I won't need all these table together.  One more detail - the cream cabinet and the grayish table are both on wheels.  Remember?  I told you I loved wheels!


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