Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wooden Ironing Board

Last week I found a fabulous wooden ironing board at an estate sale. I'll call this board #2 because I already have a vintage wooden ironing board (board #1).  What do I use board #1 for?  Ironing. 

My wooden ironing board - in the middle of the floor for some unknown reason

I bought a cute vintage looking cover for board #1 and blogged about it here.

Then I found some great inspiration ideas.  
There's nothing like a little inspiration to get you moving on a project!
There are lots of other uses for these vintage gems besides ironing.

Painted Ironing Board from The Hollow Fencepost

Used as a Potting Bench from  Playing in the Dirt
Used as a Side Table - Craigslist photo found on Flickr
Made into a steel guitar - from AQS Quilt News

Outdoor Wedding Decor from Casa Sugar
Painted Coat Hook from Folk Art By Donna;s Etsy Site
These aren't wood, but what a cute idea - cafe tables - from The Stir
Used as the bar at an outdoor party - from Country Living
Used as the dessert table at a Fall party - from Joyful Weddings and Events
Store Display from Jazzejunqueinc on Flickr
Porch Table  from My Southern Cottage
Painted in Tracey's fav robin's egg blue and Decoupaged at Notes from a Cottage Industry

By this point, I'm feeling inspired. I had been planning to put board #2 up for sale in my booth.  But on second thought, I should keep this and use it as a table in my laundry room!

The first thing to do is remove all the covers.  It turns out, this board had 10 - YES TEN!!! - covers over it.
I forgot to take a picture before I began.  This is when I'm down to the last 2 or 3 layers.

The oldest layers were nailed to the underside of the board. 

An hour or so later, I pulled out the last nail.  Time for the big reveal.  How will the top of the board look?  I hope it's in good shape.  Drum roll please.

Oh my.  Oh me, oh my.  I have a real mix of emotions here.  This is the original sticker that came with the board.  The whole sticker is there.  You just don't see that very often. So why am I also let down?  Because now I don't think I should keep it.  I cannot keep this board and put it out as a table where no doubt a cat or two will sit and damage this sticker.  I considered putting urethane on and using it anyway, but that doesn't seem right.   It's too wonderful to mistreat.  This needs to belong to someone who will appreciate it.  I guess it will be sold.  I am in mourning.  I sure hope the right owner will come along.  I hope some dingbat doesn't get it and rip off the sticker, toss it in the trash and then turn the board into something tacky.  I will likely never meet the owner, so when it sells I'm going to pretend it was bought by someone who will treasure it.

Isn't she a beauty?

 On the other hand, maybe I should urethane the top.  It would keep the sticker forever in place.  The top would be more durable and able to withstand tabletop use.  What do you think?

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  1. You better keep that board! You will regret getting rid of it. Urethane the top and USE it. If you don't someone will paint it white, or what's the new color now turquoise and that will be that. Please (please) keep it!!

  2. Omgosh yes, keep it!! So many possibilities=))

  3. I should have saved my mother's wooden board. Great uses.

    I did save my wooden child's ironing board. I need to make a cute cover for it for my granddaughter. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I have an antique ironing board but needed the space it took up in the utility room, so my husband hung it on the wall with brackets. It is high enough that I can display things, but also use the bars on the legs to hang clothes from to dry. Completely out of the way but a great addition to the room!

  5. Just arrived from Cottage Instincts and will enjoying looking around more in a moment... But had to tell you that not only do I treasure that board, but ALSO your cooel blue linoleum floor! I had a yellow n white floor we put in my last cottage and I miss it soooo much. I have my gramma's old board and a vintage toy for my daughter. Love 'em. K, enough bout me (who's yet to post any real home pics due to Mac issues)... Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  6. Hi, What a great find. I have an old ironing board sitting in my garage. I was going to use it as a display table in my booth. It's not as cute as yours, so I would probably put a price tag on it too. I think I'd urethane the top and enjoy it and then you could always sell it later on.

  7. I have my great grandmother's ironing board. And that's what it is..a board. Mama said that my great grandfather went out in the woods, cut down a tree and made the board for her. She ironed with it resting on two chairs. I had it mounted on the wall in our old house...I have got to get my husband to put in on the wall in our new house. I thought about painting her name on it...along with my gmother and mother's names...enjoyed your blog..come over for a visit some time at mine.

    1. Should put the story of how it was made on it too so people in the future know the great story behind it.

  8. What a great find! We are so glad you joined us for Anything Related! Come back tomorrow for another great party!

  9. I have my grandmothers wooden ironing board- I got it about 27 years ago when she passed away. My famly thought I was crazy to want it- and I can see their point as I hate to iron and most of the time hire someone to do it for me! Anyway I think they are neat and you can use them for lots of stuff.

  10. Hi There, so glad you linked in to the VIF party! This ironing board is amazing, I agree, don't let go of it. It's a charmer! I loved seeing all the great ways to use a vintage board. Great images, perfect post for VIF!!! Hope you join in again this week!

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  12. Another option might be to swap ironing boards. If the one you are using doesn't have the original sticker, you can create a table of some type out of THAT one and use the one with the sticker for ironing. That way you can put ten covers back on it and protect it just as it has been for all these many years. I got my first one in 1973 for $3.00. I still use it daily. I won't trade it for anything because it is exact;y the right height for me and never once has tipped over like the aluminum ones do. It doesn't screech when I open it either. But you need to keep both of them. My second one is a project table. I once saw one sticking out of a garbage dumpster. It's illegal here to raid people's garbage but I should have done it anyway!

  13. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    We just bought an old house that has a built in wood ironing board in the kitchen. Any idea when these were popular? thanks

  14. We had one in a house we lived in when I was a young girl from the 1940's, it was totally awesome. You could hid it in the cupboard after using it.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I've bought several old wood ironing boards at estate sales and auctions in the past. Not as many around now tho. I took the legs off several of mine and painted pictures of American icons I like from my past of them and then connected them together like a room divider and set it up in my house. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, twilight zone, Barney fife , Ali, Clint Eastwood, I love Lucy, Charlie brown I put front and back on four. I'm going to make another 4 board set soon

  17. I have an old Mapes Woodworking Wooden Ironing board... Just decided to take off layers and put new cover on (i had 4 layers). Original label still fully intact on bottom of board. Anyone know when these were being made? Definitely made to last.


  18. Whatever happened to the ironing board?



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