Monday, August 30, 2010

Delirious over Dishes

I went to several yard sales on Friday and Saturday.  This turned out to be The Dish Weekend.  People were getting rid of dishes.  Ordinarily, I would have admired these sets and left them to someone else. I don't need dishes.  Now that I have a booth, I bought them.

I have found a very pleasing side benefit to having a booth. It's sort of an adult version of playing house.  I am having so much fun playing with the pretty things I'm buying even though they aren't in my house.

As for the dishes, I am really looking forward to staging them.   I see so many elaborate and wonderful table settings at blog parties, but I don't generally do much in the way of tablescapes at home.  Now, I am finding myself really looking forward to setting up something elaborate.  The good part is, all my work will get to stay set up for a bit... until the dishes sell, that is.

These vintage beauties were the first set I found.  It's not a complete set - there are 5 dinner plates, 6 bowls, and 7 saucers or desserts.  Some of the designs are fading, which I found very endearing.  These are the dishes that came the closest to staying with me.  They are so lovely.  Oh dear.  I'm wavering.  I'm so tempted to bring them back home.

These 4 oval beauties were in the same same box.  I thought about keeping these, too.  I like to eat on smaller plates sometimes.  These would be such a treat to use!  I'm tempted to bring them back home, too, even if just for a little while. 

The dishes were all just sort of tossed in the box.  The price was so low that I didn't even count or inspect  the pieces.

On Saturday, on my way to the booth, I passed by a couple of yard sales and I just had to stop.  I'm so glad I did.

One of the yard sales seemed to be sort of an estate sale.  I think the man had inherited a lot of things that he just wanted to get out of his house.  Inheriting someone's household items can be overwhelming.  At a certain point, it no longer matters what something may actually be worth.  It just needs to be taken away.  He had two fabulous, but dusty, sets of dishes all piled in one very heavy box.  This Christmas set was in the box. 25 pieces all in perfect condition.

The dishes are trimmed in gold.

There was also one mismatched Christmas plate in the box, 'Tis The Season

Also in the box was this wonderful set.  35 pieces.  In perfect condition.  They have what looks like pink dogwoods around the border.  On the back, there's some Chinese markings.  I tried looking them up, but quickly realized it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

There were also a few extra dishes in the box that didn't match.  These teacups and bowl had similar colors, but they were made in Japan and were more delicate.

I spent a lot of time washing dishes this weekend.  It was the most fun I've had doing dishes in a long time.  My kitchen looked crazy - dishes piled on every available spot.  Now they are all packed up and ready to be taken to the booth.  I'll put them in an out of the way spot for now, not caring if they sell right away.  We already have a fall-ish display on a table.  If the dishes are still around later, I'll stage them properly.  The pink set and the blue set would be most fun to feature towards the spring.  

What I'd really love, is to find a hutch (or two) to put in the booth.  If I'm going to keep coming across wonderful sets of dishes, I need a fun way to display them.  I'm doing some major positive thinking about this.  I'll find a deal on a hutch soon, don't you think?

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