Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Porch Party # 2

Here it is! My second Porch and Garden Party! You are Invited!

It's too hot around here to do much in the garden. And the porch is only tolerable early in the morning. But I have been doing a few things. For instance, I've been collecting seeds for next Spring.;

A couple of weeks ago, Martie and I were walking through the square in Fayetteville and there were tons of purple coneflowers going to seed. Martie started collecting some and the next thing you know, I was her partner in crime.

I let the seeds dry for a few days, then I put them away.

Then, I realized that I was wasting the seeds that were popping up in my own garden.

So, I collected some Shasta Daisy seeds...
and some Indian Paintbrush (Gaillardia) seeds.

I let those dry for a few days, then put them in small manila envelopes. I keep all my seeds in a wooden box that I painted and decorated with seed packages several years back.
The seeds will stay dark, cool, and dry til I'm ready for them in the spring.

How about you?  
Have you been doing anything in the garden?
  Have you been sprucing up your porch?  

Fall is such a fun time for decorating porches. I'm starting to dream about cool, crisp days even though it's clearly not fall yet.

Anything about the porch or garden


Link to your post, not your blog.
Include a link back to the party.

This is a new party and the word hasn't spread yet.
I'm starting the party with a few links of my own. 
I hope some others will join in with me.

AND if you love porches and gardens,
please keep coming back...
the party will get better and better!


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