Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watermelon Time

Early this summer a watermelon vine starting growing in my flower bed.  I didn't plant it there.  It was a volunteer.  The flower bed isn't exactly a work of art. It's mostly a holding station for things I'm getting started or planning to move later.  The vine was welcome to stay.  This one vine grew and grew and grew.  It has filled in the most of the flower bed. We've had to stay on top of it to keep it away from the flowers. It actually is a pretty addition.

There were lots of flowers on the vine, but no fruit until finally around the second week in July I noticed a little watermelon.

July 13
Every time we went out, we took a look to see how it was doing. It grew really fast!

July 15
July 21
Aug 8
Finally, we decided it was ready to eat.  It's huge.  I'm the only watermelon lover here.  Rudy doesn't care for them.  Plus, I had another smaller watermelon from the garden that needed to be eaten.  That's a lot of watermelon.  No problem.

I made a couple of smoothies (see this post for more on watermelon smoothies).
Watermelon Smoothies
Plus, I made what has become a favorite - watermelon ice cubes (see this post for more on those).
Watermelon Ice Cubes
There are a couple more tiny watermelons on the vine.  They are only about 2 inches long.  It's a little late in the season.  I don't know if they'll make it to the ready to eat stage, but it will be fun to watch. 


I have decided to take the plunge and host a party!
You are Invited!

I don't want to throw a party and be the only one there!
I know it will get better and better.

I have linked to the following parties:
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