Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabric Organization

Heaven help me.  My fabric stash is a complete mess.  It's in my attic (which is like a big room, but without heating and air).  I have been hoping to find more shelving to finish up this area.  Last year, I came across plenty of wire shelves for next to nothing at yard sales that I used in other parts of the attic.  

I felt sure I'd come across plenty more.  But no.......  I guess no one out there is redoing their closets.  I may have to break down and purchase some at full price.  I can't make myself do it.  I know as soon as I did, I'd find a pile for nothing at the next yard sale.

And while I wait, my fabric stash seems to get messier and messier.  I rationalized that there was no sense spending a lot of time organizing it until the shelves were in.  No sense in doing it twice.  Forget that.  I cannot stand it.  I have got to tidy up.  

But first, as always, I need some inspiration.  After looking at some of the great examples below, I am really excited to get started!

Folded fabric can look quite neat. - as seen on Sew Mama Sew

It's easy to see what you have on open shelves. - as seen on Webshots
There's a great video on Tipnut showing a super easy way to fold fabric!

Fabric can be grouped by color - as seen on Happy Zombie

A shoe organizer is a great way to organize small bits of fabric - as seen on SweetJessie
Fabric can be rolled as seen on Craftzine - the cute label wrappers are available for download!

Fabric can be stored in see-through bins - great article on Sew4Home
Wire drawer systems work, too! - as seen on Sew Mama Sew

Folded around Foamboard - as seen on The Little Green Bean
Folded around cardboard - as seen on Fireflies and Jellybeans
Folded around Acid-free Comic Book Boards as seen on Feathered Fibers

It can be stored in a fabulous hutch (oh, I wish!) - as seen on Fabric Shopper Online

It can be placed in drawers - as seen on Badlands Quilts
How cute is this?  - as seen on vgkchick's Flickr page

I would need a lot of suitcases to do this! - as seen on Day to Day

Storing in Bins as seen on Tranquility Spot
Neat, easy to see, wrapped to same height... what's not to love?  as seen on Craftster
Last, but not least... 
Creative Daisy was brave enough to show how messy organizing can be.  I love this!
Click the link to see the transformation!

While thinking about RE-organizing my fabric, this is as good a time as any to announce my new party. The Porch and Garden party is ending at the end of the month.

The new party (starting November 1st) will be called the RE- party

It's to celebrate the RE-'s in our lives.  
RE-doing, RE-furbishing, RE-organizing.  
There's are tons of RE- things we do.  

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the OCTOBER Porch and Garden Party
It's the last one for 2010 and will be open all month!

I'm linking up with the following parties:


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