Thursday, October 7, 2010

Take a Closer Look + OCTOBER Porch & Garden Party

The days are cooler now and the nights have been downright chilly (by Georgia standards).  The flowers are still hanging on.  They look a bit frazzled, but if you take the time to take a closer look, they are still quite pretty.
Maybe, it's a bit like people.  
As people get older, they may not seem all that attractive, 
but if you take the time to get closer to them, 
you might find they are truly beautiful,
in the best sense of the word.

Everyone has beauty if you just look closely enough.

OCTOBER Porch and Garden Party

This is the last Porch and Garden Party for 2010.  
I'm going to keep it open through the whole month!

Fall porches always seem to be a bit exciting, don't you think? 

Feel free to add any posts you create that go along with the theme.

The main topic is, of course, porches and gardens

If you make something that would look good on a porch, that'll do.  Sunrooms count as porches.  Anything outdoorsy is good.  Door decor - perfect!  Fall decor - yeah!  If you think your post works with this theme, then it's fine!  Anyway,what kind of a host would I be if I turned someone away from a party? Welcome...  and enjoy!

I'm joining the following parties:


  1. They do still look good! It so hard this time of year, not wanting to do away with those that are still blooming, when you need the pot.
    I'm joining you today,

  2. I struggle with that every year... when to cut them back and when to let be... thanks for your visit today.:)

  3. Thanks for inviting us to this link party. I went ahead and linked one of my sister's posts to your party as well.

  4. How beautiful. Here in the Midwest we would need to own a lake to have kept flowers alive through our horrid's so fun to peek into others worlds to still see signs of life. But I love your thoughts...there is GREAT beauty within as we age...and it is so much more valuable....good to look for that inner beauty in everyone.

  5. oh my goodness, your flowers still look great! That's what mine looked like 5 weeks ago!!

    Here from Tidymom, have a great weekend!

  6. The flowers are beautiful! I will continue to link up through October! This is one of my favorite link parties! I LOVE the outdoors and look for any excuse to 'set up' outside! I have a few others that I will post soon! Thank you for always being a gracious hostess! I hope you will return in the Spring!



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