Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yard Sales - Real McCoy and More

Yesterday was another amazing yard sale day.  I found a few collectibles, which always make me a little nervous.  I am a novice when it comes to what things are actually worth.  Up to now, I have based worth on how much I liked something.  That's pretty easy.  Now that I'm selling things, I have to think in terms of a different value system.  That means I have to do research.

Here's a collectible I found yesterday.  A McCoy souffle bowl.  I didn't know it was a souffle bowl til yesterday.  I also found out that some collectors use these as dog bowls.  I also found that the dishes with the pink and blue stripes are in the Stonecraft Pink and Blue Dinnerware line.  Lin's Antiques's and Collectibles has a good selection of these with photos - 6 pages worth. However, she didn't have my souffle dish.
After doing some research, I am still confused and uncertain.  I saw bowls that looked exactly like this, same measurements, but with a different number.  My bowl is number 7059.  I found it here marked with a number 0143 and listed at $68.  Hello!!!  I found it in a couple of other places with the number 0144.  So, have I got a fake?  A reproduction?  A recent McCoy made to look like a vintage one?  I DO NOT KNOW because I can't find a single thing online with a 7059I could really use some help!  

Another good find was this Dansk Fall Harvest Oval Vegetable dish.  I thought it was just a really pretty pasta dish.  I was debating over whether or not to keep it.  I like the colors.  It's pretty, but it doesn't go with my kitchen. Then I looked it up on  Holy Mackerel! It sells for $99.95.  I wouldn't list it for that much in my booth.  I'd list it high enough for me to get a nice profit and low enough for the buyer to get a good deal. 
The other major collectible find was this set of 4 dishes.  They are made by The Haldon Group.  The line is Provencial Fruit.  These are salad plates. I have 4 different ones - two girls, two boys. The label says 1991. (Note: My spell check wants me to spell the name as Provincial - with an i - but it's spelled with an e on the back of the plate.)

The colors are very pretty - reminiscent of some from the 40's.  The color in my photos appear just a tad brighter that in person.  Again, I was thinking of keeping them.  It would be wonderful to actually use them.  Then I did some research.  I couldn't find anyone who had a set.  Not even a set of two.  What I did find was one dish for $24.95.  I have four.  I have a set.  On the dinner plate in this line goes for $41.95... for one plate.  They are out of stock on the salad plates, but they do have photos of them on page 3 of their Provincial Fruit photo gallery.

Update:  Bargain Hunting With Laurie did a very pretty table-scape using the pitcher from this set.

I found a number of other items yesterday that are not collectibles... just nice.
I'm thinking of using these Waverly slipcovers over the office chairs in my loft.  They don't fit perfectly, but they work well enough.

These chenille pillow covers are fabulous.  I thought about keeping them until I saw Dry Clean Only.  I live in a major fur zone.  I need machine wash.  These are so pretty, I'm still tempted.  They'd be so cute on my porch.  I'm putting them aside til spring, so I have that long to debate.
I found two great rugs.  The 4x6 red one was a great find.  I'm keeping it.  No debate.  It looks fabulous with my other longer hall rug - the  colors are almost the same.  The 5x8 one should go, but it's staying for a little while til I make up my mind.  It's very nice.  Super thick and cushy.  It was very inexpensive.  I plan to put rugs in different zones in my attic.  This one would be great in the gift wrap area. 

And then, I also found these other cool things:

I'd say it was a good day.  I'll be heading out to the Saturday yard sales in just a few minutes.  Who knows what I'll come home with today.  Yard Sale-ing is such fun this time of year!

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