Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Flower Bouquet

I stopped by Bedazzled, my favorite florist in Sharpsburg the other day.  I hadn't been by in a while and the owner is wonderful.  I wanted to say hello.  While I was there, she put together a fantastic fall bouquet for me. 

When I got home and starting playing with the flowers, I got such a boost of happy energy.  The colors were amazing.  The porch doors were open and the air was fresh and clean. The flower colors seemed more vivid than ever.  Do you think flowers trigger the endorphin mechanism in your body?  Dr. Andrew Weil suggests that fresh flowers have health boosting benefits.  I believe him!  I know I sure have been enjoying them!

I've joined in with the following parties:
    * Homemaker Monday at 11th Heaven
    * Mosaic Monday at Little Red House
    * Making the World Cuter Monday at Making the World Cuter


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