Monday, October 11, 2010

Philadelphia Story

Yesterday was 10-10-10 and I spent most of the day up in beautiful Rome, Georgia at Shorter College.

I rode up with my sweet, long-time friend Susan.  We went to see Susan's daughter, Jennifer, in the play, Philadelphia Story.  

Philadelphia Story happens to be one of my favorite movies. I've watched in a zillion times... at least.  I had a copy of VHS.  Now I have a copy on DVD.  When it comes on TV, I can't resist. 

 When Jennifer was preparing for auditions, she and Susan came over for a movie night.  We watched the movie.  Jennifer would have been great playing any of the main female characters - they all could be fun.

She ended up landing the role of Liz and boy did she nail it!
Jennifer has very long, thick hair and she had it done up 40's style - very chic!  She played the sassy part to the hilt and got lots of laughs!  Jennifer is what they call a triple threat - she's an equally gifted singer, dancer, and actor.  This is her senior year and she has a number of prospects for what to do after graduating.  Going to New York is the most likely right now.  She already has so many amazing connections.  

The play was a bit different from the movie. There's an extra brother - Sandy.  He does a good bit of the things that C. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant) did in the movie.  I guess that's the way it was originally, and the movie changed the part to make Cary's part more substantial.  I'll never argue with Cary having a more substantial role.  I love all of his comedic roles!

Jenn came out after the play to speak to everyone - she had oodles of people who drove up to see her.  She has her own fan club!  It was the last performance so the cast needed to stay and help "break set".  They nearly had to throw us all out in order to get started.

But how could we possibly zip out of there fast? We all needed to take lots of pictures and do the hugs and kisses thing!  We had to do that!

It was such a fun day!

Be sure to check out the OCTOBER Porch and Garden Party
It's the last one for 2010 and will be open all month!

I've joined in with Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.


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