Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Height of Yard Sale Season

I do believe this weekend must have been the absolute best weekend for yard sales here in Georgia.  The weather was perfection!  Skies - beautiful.  Temp - couldn't be better.  Air - crisp and cool.  

And the yard sales?  Well, I went out Friday and Saturday and both days had to come home because my car was loaded and I couldn't have packed in another thing.  

...Full carload 2 days in a row!

My car filled up fast on Friday because I bought a big black chest-of-drawers.  It's an odd little piece, but very charming.  It's not a piece I could use (unless I paint it) so it's in the booth.  I had to replace the knobs.  I thought I was going to get 8 new glass knobs, but what a shocker... eight glass knobs are expensive!  Instead I bought eight metal knobs. 
I need to take a picture of the chest of drawers!

Martie (my booth partner) is on a mission to add some pizazz to the porch at the Rockin' B using mostly items from the store.  All weekend I was on the lookout for porch and plant things she could use.  She is planning a different theme each month.  I ran across a great deal on 6 planters, in near perfect condition.  I found a plant stand that folds open that she can use, but not right away - for now they are the perfect thing for some of my pumpkins with bling.  
Porch Items

I also ran across a fabulous, large iron plant basket that I'm keeping.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.  I just know that I love it.  I swooned when I saw it.  I swear it was calling my name.  For now, I put it on my porch with a big pumpkin inside, which lead me to an idea for a fall look.  Once I get it set up, I'll post about it.
Iron Basket
This proved to be a good weekend for tableware. I found a couple of tiered plate holders, which I have been looking for.  I keep running across great dish sets at yard sales and these holders will give me another display option.  One of the holders is a Christmas one.  Good thing, because I found yet another set of Christmas dishes.  I found a couple of gold chargers which I can set up with some dishes already in the booth.  I found one brown toile plate.  I have a hard time walking away from toile and this one is really lovely. I'm trying to be firm with myself about keeping too much.  Every time I look at this toile plate I have to recite all the reasons that I should not keep it.  My voice of reason has a whole list of them, but the other voice in my head keeps whining, "But it's so pretty!"  The voice of reason also got on my nerves when we were discussing the white oval platter!  Everyone needs a white oval platter!

I found a good many pieces that will be undergoing a transformation.  Once yard sale season winds down, I'll have more time to devote to them.  Most of the redo's involve paint.
Pieces needing TLC

I found some very nice fabric items.  I love them all, but the voice of reason is trying to insist that I put them all in the booth.
Fabric Items

I'm going to keep the quilt-like table runner at least for a little while.  I told the voice of reason to shut up. I might need it.  I need time to rationalize.

Here are some of the other things I found -
 I'm very pleased with everything, but I'm pooped.  I'd better rest up.  I'll be taking most of this over to the booth tomorrow.

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