Friday, October 8, 2010

My Niece Blings Pumpkins, Too!

My niece, Denise, is a blinger!  

Don't get confused.  We are both named Denise. She was not named after me.  She was born a little before I came on the scene. Even crazier - we have a third Denise in the family now.  Family get-togethers can get real confusing.  It's like a tacky Southern joke!

Anyway, back to the bling.  Check out the FABULOUS pumpkins with bling she made!

In the words of Denise, the Niece ~ I got the idea from a magazine.  They're super easy, and will last year after year.  All the supplies came from Michael's.  Philip [he DH] thinks I need a
job...   The boys
[her sons] are less than impressed.  They want a werewolf pumpkin.


Be sure to check out the
OCTOBER Porch and Garden Party.
It's the last one for 2010 
and will be open all month
Fall porches are fabulous!

I'm joining these wonderful parties:


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