Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cydney's Alley in Senoia

A couple of week's before Christmas, I went shopping on Main Street in Senoia.  If you remember, Senoia is where the latest Southern Living House was located.  I did a number of posts about my tour of The Southern Living House.

They have lots of cute little shops there, but one I focused on was Cydney's Alley.  It's a cute little shop with a mix on new and vintage items. Her blog is not updated very often, but it's still worth a look - it has lots of photos of pieces that are swoon-worthy.  In reading the blog, I also noticed that the name of the shop comes from the name of the owners' (Scott and Liz Barnett) daughters - Cydney and Alley.  How cute!
Inside the shop, one thing in particular caught my eye.  It was a little sign with four birds and the words, Friends living in the sunshine.  I am drawn to bird things and signs on boards and chippy things, so this sign was right up my alley (not just Cydney's).

 Once I took a closer look, I became very curious about what steps might be involved in creating the original sign from scratch.  The actual sign was most likely a print.  I saw a couple of other similar sign in her shop and then some more in another Senoia shop.  But the original process....   Hmmmm...

How Did They Do It???

Here's my guess - Dark brown paint.  A little crackle finish in select spots. Cream paint. Paint the birds. Stencil the words.  Glaze over top with wood graining tool.  A couple of travel stamps. More glaze or stain around the edges to make it look aged. Top coat of something non-shiny.  Is that how you think it might have been created?  I wouldn't dare try to copy this.  One reason is out of respect for the artist and the shop.  Even if I had no scruples, there's another reason that would stop me - I know my talent limitations.

I tried to find out who made it, where it came from or something so I could give credit.  The owner's mom was working that day and she didn't know.  

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