Monday, December 20, 2010

Life on a Silver Platter

When silver was sought after and used in the best of homes, I didn't care for it.  These days, it seems to have been cast aside and replaced by other pricey items.  Now, I am loving it.  Is it the urge to root for the underdog?  The love of rescuing the unappreciated?  I don't know.  I just know that it's all over the place and, as my friend Martie says, it's almost cheaper than buying a plastic tray.  I especially love how it looks with burlap or painters drop cloth and bits of white.  

 I found this candelabra at Rockin' B - the antiques store where I have a booth.  We used it when we set up the beautiful white and silver feature booth.  An antiques store display is an ever changing thing.  As pieces sold and new old things were brought in, the candelabra was moved from one spot to another.  I told myself that I didn't need it, but every time I came in and didn't see it, I felt sad.  Luckily, each time it had only been moved and when I found it again, I felt relieved.  

Finally, I gave in and bought it.  For just $15.  The excuse rationale - I am helping to decorate the table for the Christmas brunch. I am using lots of silver.  This piece would be lovely with everything I've pulled together so far. 

It's nice and heavy.  There's enough tarnish on it, to give it a lovely patina.  It's so obviously elegant that it will juxtapose wonderfully with galvanized steel.  I love odd couple decorating.  I just made up that term.  Remember, you heard it here first.  :-)

I have a number of silver platters.  One belonged to my grandmother.  I use that on a vanity to hold my makeup.  The one in the photo above is another Rockin' B find - $6.  Like Martie said - as cheap as buying a plastic tray.  That's so sad.   Look how pretty it is with the reflections of a nearby light.  I propped these pieces on my counter.  They will soon be moved over to my parents in preparation for the brunch.  For now, they are my eye candy. 

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