Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspired By... Buckets of Burlap

I am furious with Buckets of Burlap.  Because of this blog, I stayed up way past my bedtime and now I'm exhausted.  It's very likely I won't get much done today.  I'm certain an afternoon nap will be necessary.

I found this blog when doing a simple image search on Google. I'm loving decorating with burlap these days, so that was my main search word.  One pretty image sent me to Buckets of Burlap and after that I swooned, hyperventilated, and nearly lost my mind.  In other words, I found what I was looking for and more.

I have only gone through the December posts, but you can bet I'll be spending time browsing her previous posts. Her, by the way, is Becky.  

I thought for a few minutes on how to describe her style and how to express what it is about it that speaks to me, but the truth is, I'm just too blamed tired to strain my brain that much.  Pictures will have to do.  It's all Becky's fault.  She needs to put a note of caution at the top of her blog.

If you like white and burlap and old galvanized metal 
and silver and twine and greenery, 
then grab your smelling salts and take a look...
but don't even get started if it's close to your bedtime!

 The pictures on my post are not very large.  They are just teasers.  To see the full sized photos and the explanations to go with them, you need to go to her blog.  I highly recommend it.  What are you waiting for?

Be sure to tell her I'm still mad, but too tired to do anything about it.
Be sure to check out the latest RE- Party!
We RE-do, RE-decorate, RE-organize, RE-pair,  RE-upholster, RE-furbish, 
RE-finish, RE-purpose,  and of course, we love to RE-lax! 
This party celebrates the RE-'s in our lives! 


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