Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Trees All Over

I already posted about how our main tree this year would be a four foot tabletop version. I am tired of heavy, cumbersome trees that I can't handle by myself.  I have several small trees.  The four footer is the largest.  I also have a 3 footer and a two footer and I added a few skinny trees to the collection this year.   I've scattered them throughout the house and on the porch.  

I decided to try out a change on the main tree. I had it on a table, with a pretty skirt, surrounded by Christmas tins to ward off curious kitties.  

Yesterday afternoon, I put it in a large washtub.  When I asked my supportive hubby what he thought about the change, he said it looked kind of stupid, but if I liked it, it was fine with him. If the judge is female, I should make parole quickly.

I know.  The washtub is a bit large, but I had to use something really big to hold the large green tree holder.  I think it makes for a neater appearance.  

While I was raiding my husband's galvanized collection, I borrowed a bucket to hold this tall, skinny flocked tree. 
This tree was purchased from Rockin' B recently. I'll be using it for brunch decor at my parents house.  For now, it's on the porch in hopes that lots of the messy white stuff will blow off.  When I took this to the counter to purchase, I was wearing a black coat.  Little white flecks got all over me.  I looked like I had a horrid case of dandruff! Oh, the dangers of decorating!

Here's another tree.  This one is in the foyer. This one is 3 feet tall.

I threw this one together really fast.  It's simple, but it works.  The green pot was something to make do with, but I kind of like the color there.  I love the gold birds.  I had thought about painting them something less flashy, but they really are nice in gold at Christmas. 

Hey!  I forgot to take a photo of my two foot tree!  It's done up in silver.  Oh well.  I'm tired of writing about trees now anyway.  I'm ready to go relax with a mug of eggnog!  

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