Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspired By... Hutch Before and Afters

Just before I did the makeover on my hutch, I looked at a number of hutch pictures for inspiration.  I came across a few before and afters that are well worth sharing.  

Take a look and see if you don't think,  
Wow!  What a difference!

Frosted Gardner
White as Linen
Much To Do With Nothing
Chair Up
Scarlett Sashes

The hutch photos below are not before and after's - just some pretty painted hutches.
Cynthia's Cottage Design
From Folded Gingham - Her dad built the middle section to raise the top part up from the base.

Here's a hutch top with the back painted to better show off white dishes -
Confessions of a Plate Addict
I love the color of the hutch in the photo above. I have been wanting to paint some furniture a taupe-gray or gray-blue for some time.  I almost painted my auction hutch in a simlar color, but I was afraid the color would look all wrong in our booth.

Red is another interesting color for hutches.  I have a healthy respect for red paint.  It can be fabulous or horribly wrong.  I've had experience with horribly wrong.  One day, I hope to have an experience with fabulous.  Below are two red hutches I like.  They are from Rosie's Whimsy and The Black Hutch Company.

 If you are considering painting a hutch, I highly recommend doing an image search in colors you are considering. I've found that seeing the ones that didn't turn out so well is just as important as finding the ones you like.  Look closely at the ones that aren't quite right and try to figure out why they aren't right.  By doing that, I found that with hutches painted a strong color, I prefer the backboard and or "counter" top to be painted a different color - just to break up the look a bit.

That's enough. I need to go do something productive now.

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