Sunday, December 12, 2010

RE-Organizing My Life - The To-Do List

After solving my calendar and issues with Google, I next needed to come up with a good To-Do list program. Since my calendar and contact list is in Google, it would be nice to have my TO-Do lists there as well.

I didn't see a note or TO-Do list application when I browsed around, so I did a search.  While searching, I came across an interesting article - Getting Things Done with Google Notebook.   The article is based on a book by David Allen. I haven't read the book and am not up to speed with the principals, but the article and links inspired me and I'm using some of the concepts as I reorganize.  This article also mentions using the tool - Google Notebook.  Unfortunately, that tool is not out there anymore.  Google now has TASKS built into their email.

TASKS is on the left sidebar in Google Mail.  When you click on it, a list will pop up. I didn't take screen shots as I initially set up my lists, but it's super easy.

When TASKS is on, it is either neatly minimized in the bottom right corner of the email window as in the above example, OR open as in the example below.

The above list is my list of errands to run.  I finished off a couple of those today.  I need to put a check by the box and click on ACTIONS. Then I can clear the completed tasks.

I have already created a number of lists.

Clicking on the little button circled in red in the above screen shot brings up all the lists created so far.  I loosely based the name of some of these on the suggestions in the Getting Things Done article.  I'm not sure if I'll keep those headings or not.

Another nice feature - you can add notes about the items in your list.  The notes can be pretty long, too.  The example below is a fairly short note.

So far, I like the change to Google Calendar and Google Tasks.  I have a new phone with Internet access and am trying to learn how to use it so I can access my calendar, address book (contact list) and task list on the go.  I ended up getting a Droid X phone.  I am already seeing lots of uses for it, even more than I anticipated. 

I haven't had a great deal of time to complete my organization system transition.  I've had lots going on.  Besides holiday preparations, I also went to another fun auction this weekend.  I bought a hutch.  The price was good, but it needs some TLC.  I've already gathered my inspiration photos and while I was out this afternoon, I picked up some paint.  You can bet I'll be posting about this makeover.  So, check back soon!


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