Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

My goodness!  Erin from It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life has passed along an award --- to me and my blog!  Golly!   

I have been smitten with Erin's blog for awhile now.  I'm afraid I've been committing some fairly serious sins (in the coveting category) where her house is concerned.  For instance, I want her dining room chairs.  You've just got to see them on her breakfast room before and after post.
Also -

Back to the award.  As part of the award, I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself.  Oh dear.  Erin's list was far more entertaining than mine will be.  For instance, she was a former Dallas Maverick dancer!  

OK.  This is hard.  I really hate telling anything important about myself.  You're going to have to settle for some weird and silly things.

1. I'm allergic to dust.  I see this as evidence that God has a wonderful sense of humor.  

2. I love watching Jeopardy.

3. I'm convinced I'm going to win the lottery one day.  The only problem is, I hardly ever buy tickets.

4.  I love old movies. Preferably romantic comedies. Philadelphia Story (Hepburn, Grant, Stewart) is one that comes to mind, but I could name dozens of others.  I love the style and the speech and the wit.

5. I love Jane Austin movies and books.  I have several on DVD and can watch them over and over. 

6. I'm afraid of heights and going fast in a car.  Riding through Atlanta with my husband (who has a lead foot and no fear) is torture.  Riding around narrow cliff roads in Hawaii with my friend Susan behind the wheel is another form of torture.  Though if I'm going to careen to my death, Hawaii would be a nice place to do it.  My niece once talked me into going up in the parachute ride at Six Flags.  I pep-talked myself into using mind over matter to overcome my silly fear of height.  The ride got stuck.  We dangled up at the top for over half an hour - long enough to come to a clear understanding that maybe I wasn't meant to overcome my fear.

7.  Oh thank Goodness.  The last one.  Every night I go for a moonlight swim in the buff. It's wonderfully meditative! I swim in my heated pool by the sea a minimum of 45 minutes, which is how I keep my svelte figure.  Then I sit in our sauna and purify. The truth?  No pool.  No sauna. No svelte figure.  Very active imagination!

That's all.  Now, I'll go pass this award along to some wonderful bloggers!

Thank you, Erin!!!
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