Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas in Georgia!!! + RE Party

This Christmas was amazing!  I had a wonderful time at all the family get-togethers and then to top it all off, it snowed.  We saw flurries here and there during the day and then around 5 yesterday afternoon, it began snowing in earnest!  

I am so happy that I learned how to take blue hour photos - photos taken when it is ust before the sun rises or just after it sets.  I knew how to adjust my shutter speed so that it would stay open for quite a while.  I grabbed my tripod and went out for a night stroll in the snow.  It was very quiet and peaceful.  The wind wasn't blowing last night so it was quite pleasant.  
 Even though I left the shutter open for up to 15 seconds, my photos were still pretty dark.  It was a little past the blue light hour. 

I used the flash for this photo of my car.

Today, some of the snow is gone.  It's been incredibly windy - howling, in fact! This morning, I took a stroll and took more photos.  The dogs came along this time.  We all froze! The wind makes such a difference.

The dogs had a great time.

Jack loves to run in wide circles at full speed when he gets excited.  Buddy barks at him the whole time.

Update: 1:30 pm - It's snowing again!!!

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