Friday, December 3, 2010

An Evening at Bennett's Auction

Last night, I went to Bennett's Auction in Tyrone for the first time.  They were selling the contents of an 1840's farmhouse.  Oh my goodness.  They sold some fabulous pieces.
First, let me tell you about the owner/auctioneer.  He was wonderful.  He was there all day yesterday, talking to everyone as they came to preview the items.  He knew his stuff.  He was friendly and seemed to know everyone.  And he had a delicious sense of humor!  He was jolly and had a twinkle in his eye - just like Santa, except Mr. Bennett is slimmer and younger than Santa.  I love him!  Not that way - he's happily married.  In fact, everyone cracked up at one point in the auction when his wife bid on an eight and a half foot hall tree to go in their house which, as he pointed out to her, has eight foot ceilings.  They were really cute!  Don't you love seeing married people in love and having fun after many years together?  

Obviously, you can tell I must have drank from the Bennett's kool-aide - I'm addicted and will definitely go back.  They are selling lots of stuff from the barn of the 1840's farm at the next auction, so I feel sure my darling hubby (who I am mad in love with and also has a delicious sense of humor) will be there with me, too.  He loves old tools and anything barn-y.

Now, I'll talk about my crushing blow last night.  ...the item I didn't win that haunts me.  ...the thing I thought about and looked at lovingly and planned where I would put it at my house as I waited for it to come up for auction. The old farm bell. Sob.  I forget what it went for - I think 185 or was it 215.  Whatever. It was worth more than that I'm sure.  All I know is that my hand was down for good after about 125 (too low for such a fabulous piece), which by the way was more than I had promised myself I should spend on it, when I was rationally talking to myself as I waited.  At auctions, the key is to know what you are willing to spend and don't get caught up in the heat of the moment.  Ha. I was caught up in the heat of the moment, and was quickly rationalizing things in my  head as I went over and over my planned limit - it's priceless, I'll never find another like it, it would be perfect at our house, it could be my Christmas present, dangit, cuss, cuss, cuss!  But I saw my opponents (two of them) were determined and had more money to back their determination.  After the auction, the girl who won was right behind me in line to pay up.  I told her I hated her, but we quickly struck up a fun conversation and I guess the bell is going to a good home.  Sob. Wail!

photo from Bennett's Auction

Here's what I did win.  I feel sure that I won it because I was bidding with an open, loving  heart. I was buying it for someone else.  I won a yarn winder.  

When I saw it in the photos, I immediately knew I would try to win it to give to Judy.  Judy and I have been friends since high school.  We went to college together.  We've been through thick and thin together.  She's a city gal, living in a cool part of Atlanta - not the slick, socialite type of city gal.  She's the quirky kind of city gal who is into natural and creative things.  She's smart and funny and everyone who meets her falls in love.  That is not an exaggeration.  I adore her, but since I terrified of driving through the interstates of Atlanta, where you must do at least 105 mph to blend in with Nascar drivers on their cell phones, I don't see her much.  She moved into a new house ages ago and I haven't seen it yet.  I've had her on my mind a lot lately. I need to see her!!!

Judy is always giving me something.  She is a master knitter and I mean master.  She writes articles for knitting magazines and teaches classes in her spare time. She spins her yarn and dyes her wool.  She has made lots of socks for me (you can see my favorite pair here) and a hat for my hubby, which he wears constantly in cold weather.  Now, finally, I have something for her.  If she wants it.  

I often feel uncertain about my gifts and this is no exception.  So -  Judy, if you already have one or if you don't have room for it or whatever, no problem.    I know that even if you don't want/need it or can't use it, you will appreciate the gesture and feel all warm and fuzzy about the love behind it.  I won't be offended to have it turned down.  It would look cute as can be in my booth.  But, if you DO want it - it's yours, with love and kisses!!!!

The approximate size is 42.5 inches tall by 24 inches wide.  Yeah, it's big.  Oh mercy, I'm a lousy gift giver.  I broke a cardinal rule about getting someone a big awkward piece that will be hard to find a spot for. 

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