Monday, December 13, 2010

Auction Hutch - Sneak Peak

I've been looking for a hutch to paint and put in my booth since August.  Before August, I saw hutches all over.  Once I started looking,  nada... nothing...  Isn't that the way it goes.  Well, my luck finally changed this weekend.  I went to the Van Byars auction in Hogansville and won a hutch.  The price was low, but it's requiring several days of work, paint and new hardware.  

This is the photo from the auction site.  Unfortunately it's not very clear.   

It was a dowdy piece with sad hardware. Was is the key word.  I'm not finished with it, but it already has a new lease on life.

I thought about painting it a taupe-y gray, but decided that might look washed out in our booth.  Black will pop and is a safer color choice for now.  I do intend on experimenting with some grays soon on smaller pieces.

I have a collection of images of black hutches.  One thing I noticed is that I prefer two-toned rather than solid black pieces.  Here's my favorite inspiration photo -
photo from British Cottage
 The light backboard and tabletop keep it from being overwhelmingly dark.  I like the distressing on this piece as well, though I might do a little less than this.

A god many of the inspiration hutches I saw left the back and tabletop wood toned.  I had intended to do this, but my tabletop was too stained to warrant it.  The photo below shows the worst stain after the first round of sanding.  What on earth could have made that stain?!?  More sanding didn't help.

 I had lots of sanding and prep to do, but I had plenty of furry help.

I'm not finished, but here's a peak after the first coat of paint -

I'm loving it and can't wait to finish it up and put it in the booth! Check back soon for the final reveal.
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