Saturday, December 18, 2010

Library Geese

As I was leaving the library the other day, I noticed a flock of geese in the field where some sort of construction is about to take place. I thought a group of geese was supposed to be called a gaggle of geese, but this site, let me know that either is correct, as well as a few others I'd never heard of.

No one was on the road, so I pulled over to admire the geese.  After enjoying the view a bit, I got out of my car and snapped a few photos. A panorama camera would have come in handy.  The geese stretched out over quite a large area.

The photos aren't all that clear.  I zoomed from a bit too far away. Even so, the photos make me happy.  I really get a lift from coming across things like this.  It's nice to pause now and then to smell the roses... or admire the geese.

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