Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

My favorite wake up thing to do is browse blogs while I drink a cup of hot tea. I subscribe to way too many blogs - too many to truly keep up with. The blogs I have listed on the right are the tip of the iceberg and that list is way out of date. I've added so many since I made that list. I always start out reading the latest from a favorite blog. The problem is, these blogs often mention another blog and my curiosity is peeked (peaked?) and I jump on over. By the end of my cup (or two) of tea, there's no telling what I may be reading about. I enjoy it thoroughly and am always inspired. And I almost always end up with a new blog on my list of subscriptions.

Here are a few nods to my latest finds -

Tracey from Notes From A Cottage Industry (one of my all time favorite blogs) has moved to Oregon and has a boyfriend. This is no small thing. Both the move and the boyfriend are incredible acts of bravery on her part. Better yet, her boyfriend blogs about cooking and wine. Of course I had to go check out his blog to see if he was worthy of Tracey's company. He is! This guy will make you want to eat Brussels sprouts and I'm not joking! I now have 3 recipes that I am determined to make - this week if possible. Plus I have a fabulous new blog on my list - The Duck Juice Chronicles.

Next I set off on a real adventure starting with Linda MacDonald's Restyled Home (another favorite blog). One fabulous adventure was over to High-Heeled Foot in the Door. She is setting up a shop, painting furniture, and being quite creative. One of her crafty ideas was a Be-Dazzled Pumpkin which she guest blogged about on Sweet Nothings.

My High-Heeled reading also led me to I Suwannee - another new blog for my list - to see her bookcases of the day. I had a glorious time there and even though I am mostly watching for decorating ideas, I just loved her blog about the Grey Gardens Party. Of course this sent me off on a wild tirade finding out about Grey Gardens and Little Edie and her mother BIg Edie - the eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I vaguely remembered the story but needed a refresher.

Restyled Home also led me back to a blog I have enjoyed often but have missed for a while - Twice Remembered. I went there first to see her post on gumball machine makeovers and stayed for ages catching up with her latest projects. She's creating a studio and I can't wait to see the final results because this husband and wife are really talented!

My browsing also led me over to Whispering Wood Cottage to see her fabulous Barn-Style Door Entry to Master Bath. I am fascinated with these door styles and am determined to use one somewhere one of these days. In fact, I already have a small collection of pictures I've been collecting of doors hung this way.

Now I ask you... how am I supposed to get ANYTHING done when there are so many fabulous blogs out there?


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