Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a Coupon Queen!

I've seen women interviewed who save amazing amounts of money at the grocery store. They always look so smart and so together. For me, when I was working, I felt proud to make a list and get myself to the grocery store. Clipping coupons and comparing prices was not something I had time or energy for. Don't get me wrong - I did manage a coupon now and then. And if I saw something on sale, I might buy a few extras, but it wasn't something to brag about.

But today, thanks to my new state of unemployment and my determination to save money since I'm not making it, I became a coupon Queen!

Check it out -

I bought 55 items and only spent $38.69. Everything I bought will be used - nothing was bought simply because I had a coupon so I might as well try it out. I saved about what I would have earned for 2 days work at my part time job. Nice!

Now before I get famous and folks start lining up at my door to interview me, I think I'd better get serious about that diet and earn enough to get a good haircut. I'm beginning to look a bit straggly.


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