Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drape Dilemna

What in the world can I do with all these windows? Our family room and dining room has a long expanse of windows. It was a wonderful idea except when it comes to window treatments. I plan to make drapes, but it will cost a fortune. I've been using sheets which I can later use for the lining, but that's getting old.

I hung a bunch of fabrics around today just to get an idea of how different colors looked in the room. It's pretty obvious that with the wall color I have, I'll need a color with some pop to it - no whites or tans or creams - nothing safe. It looks like I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone.

Everyone who saw the fabrics fell in love with the red, including me. That fabric is perfect. It's Stonington Vintage by Waverly. Unfortunately, that scrap is a bit old and I can't find that fabric anywhere. I suppose I'll be on the lookout for something similar.


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