Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Visit From Judy and Steve

Judy and Steve came by this afternoon. It was so good to see them. Steve is such fun and always in a great mood. And Judy has been a VERY VERY good friend since 1973.

Judy had a bag of goodies. She is an amazing knitter. She made a wool hat for Rudy and socks for me. She made a washcloth, too, because she knows I love them. Washcloths are my biggest accomplishment as a knitter at this point. And I certainly use them - they are the best for doing dishes!

She also brought tons of roving for me to use in my felting. Plus, she gave me some felting needles and a felting book.

Judy and her daughter, Emmy, also love to felt. The mermaid, bear and monkey in the picture are things they've felted.

I am seriously worried about my thought process. I didn't take any photos of Judy and Steve. Last night I didn't take any photos of Susan. I am placing full blame on my lack of sleep.


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