Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun Day in the Loft

The clover felting tool really works well and it's such fun. This could be seriously addictive!
I didn't do much with it - just put a couple of scraps together and punched away just to see what it was like. It was enough to know that I may soon be a candidate for felters anonymous.

After getting my felting fix, I move on to redesigning a walker bag. This time I played with tie straps. That worked out great - now it can be used on a walker or a wheelchair!

The pocket embellishments were a little more creative this time. On one side two yo-yos and a button were layered. It turned out nice. On the opposite side, the pocket was trimmed with fringe.

This bag also had 2-inch sides. Side panels are a bit more trouble and I'm not sure if it truly makes a difference in terms of usefulness.

Even though the bag is lined, it isn't quite as sturdy feeling as I'd like. I either need to stick to thicker fabrics or put in another layer. Another thing that bugs me is the pocket should have been a different fabric than the base. Unfortunately, there wasn't any that suited me for this purpose in my stash.

Even with all my criticisms, this bag still works fine and will hopefully make someone happy. But my quest for the perfect walker bag design is still on.


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