Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating Help from the Kitties

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I like to be an early bird. Decorations were put out and moved around off and on all weekend. It looks like some of it will be packed off to Goodwill. Even though I cleaned out some of it a couple of years ago, I apparently didn't go far enough. I really want to refine the collection.

I purchased a new Christmas tree skirt after the holidays last year. I sure do love it. and Apparently, so do a few of the "babies". They have all been taking turns cuddling up under the tree. The skirt is beautifully embroidered, appliqued and quilted. It ties with a series of bows, which unfortunately, I had to tuck under. Emmy decided the ties would be loads of fun to chew on.

This tree is actually decorated. It looks pretty good further up. We have to resist the urge to hang ornaments from the bottom branches - it's way to tempting for our "babies". Many of our previous ornaments have lost their lives in kitty soccer ball games!


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